Sunday, July 10

Here we go again..

OK, so I lied, I'm saving that new combo for another day.  I had requests for Smores (again) so I whipped up a batch.  This time I followed along with Martha, her marshmallow frosting is the best.  I won't bore with a basic chocolate cake batter, that is the base of the cupcake.  No wait, there is a light graham cracker crust as the base, then the batter, then some more cracker crumbs, and topped with toasted marshmmallow.  My favorite part is the torching :)

I should add, while it may be one of the best frostings, it's really hard to work with and my kitchen looks like the stay puft man exploded

Frosting goes from this, whisking away over a double boiler until warm to the touch and sticky

 To this with an electric mixer after about 7-8 minutes (oh how I wish I owned a stand mixer, hint hint)

 And then finally, we end up with this though the picture looks like crap.  I got a little torch happy

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