Thursday, September 22

Two More Birthdays

I'm too tired to add much commentary, busting out 3 double batches really killed me tonight :P

Dark Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla "Tye Dye" with Vanilla Buttercream

Peanut Butter Cup - Chocolate with a Reeses cup in the center, Peanut Butter Buttercream

I had some errors, some overflows and trimmings, ran out of supplies, but I kept on I am going to die in bed

Sunday, September 18

Repeats are always the best

I had a few bananas left over and I contemplated making bread, but this was a better idea

Roasted Banana with Honey-Cinnamon Buttercream

Friday, September 9


My 5 year old really wanted a Smurf themed birthday, so needless to say, the house will be puked on by blue tomorrow.  In addition to a very large vanilla/strawberry/whipped cream cake being prepared by a bakery, I made some dark chocolate/vanilla bean buttercream SmurfCakes for the kids!

(I've been airbrushing anything I can find, so far we have blue marshmallows and popcorn.)