Sunday, August 28

Boredom Brownies

Nothing fancy, just a cake-like brownie with vanilla glaze and sprinkles...i have nanner bread in the oven as well

Thursday, August 25

Happy Birthday Taylor!

For her party, I made oreo cupcakes and vanilla/vanilla bean...hope everyone enjoyed!

Hurricane Relief Kit

Aside from batteries, candles and bottled water, we also have cupcakes...

Banana with a honey-cinnamon buttercream!

Wednesday, August 17

Happy Faux Birthday, Sofia!

Since my little one's birthday falls on September 1st, she'll probably never be able to celebrate with her class.  This week is her last week of pre-k so I asked the teacher to celebrate with Sofia and her classmates tomorrow.  As usual, Sofie wanted vanilla/vanilla, so here they are dolled up with sugar and princess crowns.

Before crowns
After crowns

Thursday, August 4

Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

nothing new, made these by request...vanilla cake with a vanilla bean icing...i love these teeny tiny colored balls

i'm still not happy with how things have been turning out lately, maybe i need a baking break

Monday, August 1

Vanilla Buttermilk with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting

Not much to say, I think these were a flop as well...I'm giving up on cream cheese frosting :(